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I Make Ads That Don't Suck

Helping brands to stop “throwing spaghetti on the wall and hope it sticks” with their creatives

You Don't Need Me If: 

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Don't Have Time To Scroll Through Walls Of Ads

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You Enjoy The Rat Race Of Constantly Making Ads

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You Already Got A Kickass Creative Team 

No Hard Sale, Pinkie Promise*

Slashed Our CAC within the first 1st month, Yee clearly knows what he’s doing, 100% Recommend!


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Brands I've Worked With:


Here’s My 6 Steps Approach:

Step #1

Identify Hero Product

Product With
The Best Margins

Step #2

Craft Customer Avatar

1) Uncover Their Needs
2) Discover Objections
3) Learn The Way They Talk

Step #3

Craft Killer Offer

1) Bundling
2) Up-Sell
3) Cross-Sell
4) Discount

Step #4

Craft Ads

1) Use Customer Research Into Our Copy & Creative

2) Use "Ugly Ads" To
Test Our Messaging

3) Develop X Concept With X Hooks To Focus On Pains 

Step #5

Media Buying

1) Consolidated Accounts
(No Complicated Structure)

2) Conversion To Get Sales

Step #6

Analyze & Optimize

1) Bottom Line: CPA & MER

2) Creative: CTR, CPM, Hook / Hold, CPC

Here's How We Helped Our Client:

Verified Customer

Case Study: Bazoo

CPA Slashed
Sample Ads
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Social Proof
Feature Callout
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3 Reasons Why I’m Right For You

No lock-ins, No Guarantees, No Bullsh*t.


I Only Make Money If You Make Money

Low Management Fee

% Commission on Revenue (not ad spend)

I exclude the revenue you can make w/o me for commission


I Make Ads Based on Psychology, Not Intuition

I mine reviews for USPs / objections

I do iterative creative testing instead of random crap shoots

I write ads with your customer’s words, not mine


I focus on your bottom-line instead of ‘feel-good’ metrics

Product Margins ✅

Cost To Acquire Customer ✅

Blended ROAS / MER ✅

If you disagree with these 3 beliefs, we’re not the right fit
1. People don’t Mind Watching Ads (AS LONG AS THEY’RE relatable)
I Create Messaging Based Ads For Your Customers
(PS. I Don’t Set & Forget, I Set & Iterate)
2. On-platform ROAS Does not Improve Your Business bottom-line
How often do you buy products After you saw it for the 1st time? ⛔
(P.S. The ad platform’s aim is to get more spend by taking credit on a customer’s purchase)
3. Paid ads is meant for new customer acquisition, not retention
As more businesses are paying for ads to target the same pool of people, the price increases
(P.S. higher demand, same supply => Higher Cost)
Not Ready Yet? No Worries.

Checkout my FREE Content Below & Reach out If You Need Help.

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World Wide Marketers

I talk to marketers from all over the world to share their insights.

(e.g. Charlie FB Disrupter / Sarah Levinger)

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Landing Page Anatomy

I breakdown top performing landing pages to see why it works so you don’t have to.

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Ads Made Simple

I breakdown top / poor performing ads to see why it works (or doesn’t). 
- LinkedIn Posts

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